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What should IT executives keep in mind when purchasing video solutions?

So far, the choice of video solution technology has been the criterion between price or quality. Now it’s changing. The IT manager should first consider what kind of video service (solution) the client wants and, depending on the need, choose the most suitable technology.

The year 2018 will change the future of video communication!

The market for video conferencing solutions has undergone rapid development. The problems that have hampered the massive use of videoconferencing, have finally found a solution. While some years ago, the main users of video conferences were mostly large companies, with expensive hardware and complexity of management. Todays opportunities are equal for every business, both in…
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3 steps towards digitalisation

As digitization of enterprises is closely linked to the simplification of processes, then the entire digitialisation process itself should not be too complicated. Here is my vision of the steps what one company should take to carry out digital transformation. 1) Find an expert who can look at the business processes of an enterprise with…
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How to benefit from enterprise digitalisation

Some months ago I sent out a mass mail to business managers to pay more attention to promoting their business through well-established IT solutions. Dear entrepreneur! Have you ever wondered if your company’s IT systems are sufficient, taking into account future opportunities? It is predicted that by 2020+, the majority of companies will not be…
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