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Analysis of your current business processes is important for final solution design


Working out the solution, which best matches your company needs.
With our certified solution specialists we can help you to get a faster return of investment. Eliminating the need for your limited IT resources.

Video Conference solutions

Building successful video conference solutions is not only installing TV screen and connecting it with a video device (codec), and camera. That is less than 40% of the success. Other 60% comes from user experience. How easy is to use the system and how reliable it is. Experience starts from video room environment (number of screens, acoustics, lighting, and ends with additional functionalities, like interoperability, conference scheduling and joining, recording and broadcasting.

All about video conferencing

What is the best solution for your organisation?

On-premises video platform

Keep your organisation video infrastructure secure and scalable, but enjoy full functionalities of the platform. Own your data, manage it, build custom integrations and customise with your own branding.

Cloud video platform (VaaS)

flexible and simple to use video conference solution, with limited functionalities. Perfect solution for small and mid size organisations.

Hybrid video platform

Share the best functions from on-prem and Cloud video solutions.

Google Hangouts Meet integrations

Join from your Google Hangouts Meet video meeting with any other video solutions (Cisco, Skype for Business, Polycom).

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business integration

Enjoy your Teams or Skype video meetings with any other video solution (Cisco, Polycom, Google Hangouts Meet).

Video solutions Interoperability

Build video interoperability between all kind of video conference platforms, and connect to video meetings from any device and operating system.

Video Conferencing

between any kind of video devices (Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts Meet),
and from any kind of operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, IoS, Android)

Join, Control and Analyze
video meetings

Simplify the video meeting scheduling and joining process using Outlook or Google calendar
Join video meetings with one click

Video meeting Streaming and Recording

Record your video meetings.
Broadcast your live events on your web page or directly to social media channels

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On-prem, Cloud or Hybrid?

Data Driven Workplace Communication

Improve your internal and external communication with automated information displays

Data Driven Workplace Communication

Automate information and visualize data to your employees
Data driven visual information empowers the digital workplace

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Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

We design your video conference solution with all needed functionalities to provide the best user experience. Whatever video platform you have today, we have experience to build on top of that additional functions:

– Interoperability
– Recording
– Broadcasting
– Scheduling
– Joining
– Analyse
– Control
– Manage
– Branding
– API Integrations
– Custom solutions (video tablet)

When your video screen is idle, you can transform it to info screen, and publish digital signage content for your employees.

This is a wise way to utilise existing hardware resources efficiently.