Workplace Communication

Improve your internal and external communication with automated information displays

Valotalive platform offers access to different data sources to automate and visualise information for info screens.

We automate information and visualize data to your employees

– It is easy for information to find the right people
– Data driven visual information empowers the digital workplace

Engaged employees is the foundation for success in business. To drive employee engagement companies need to communicate “how we are doing right now” and “what is relevant at this moment” based on real-time data.
All that data already exists in different backend systems or clouds. We just automate and make it easy for relevant information to find the right people.

What makes Valotalive different from regular Digital Signage solutions?

Data Transparency


Connect to different business applications and data sources with data visualisation apps



We have automated the concept of the “playlist”. It’s programmatic in Valotalive and delivers information dynamically to the target audiences.
We call it the Flow.

Pay as you Go


Valotalive offers you a true pay-as-you-go approach for pricing. With our subscriptions you pay for the Info Screen services per day as you consume them.

Data Sources

How Valotalive service can impact Workplace?

UNIFY the organisation on company’s core values
ACCELERATE company’s strategy execution
INCREASE productivity and cost-efficiency by reducing manual work
REACH all levels of employee groups from management to labourers
IMPROVE customer engagement in digital workplace


Pay-As-You-Go Subscriptions

With our subscriptions you pay for the digital signage services as you consume them


8 €

per month

1 Source
1 Display
  • Billed Monthly, Pay-As-You-Go*
  • Pick & Choose Apps
  • My Content Post Size 30 Mb
  • Valotalive Flow – Intelligent Playlist
  • Business Intelligence Apps
  • Intranet & Collaboration Apps
  • Premium News Apps
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* The above mentioned prices are according to 30 days use.
We charge with daily precision – the daily rates behind our subscriptions are:
– Starter 0,2666 Eur / Source / Display / Day
-Awesome is 1,133 Eur / Display / Day.

You’ll pay for Valotalive as you consume the service and nothing more.
As an example, Use a display with Valotalive for 15 days and we’ll charge just that.
If you stop using Valotalive, there are no additional costs or termination fees.

** Unlimited use of all apps. Additional Custom Apps are possible in the Awesome subscription. Separate One time fees apply for custom apps.

Digital content strategy packages

Each business is unique.
There is no rules or templates how your digital content must work. So, it is very important to build digital content strategy for the organisation.

Focus on your business and let us plan, and manage your digital content.

Value adding services


Highly recommended!

499 €

Half day consultancy service to start with:

  • Content strategy
  • Finding target groups
  • Selecting the right content
  • Best practices


One time content creation

249 €


  • Configuring up to 5 apps (integrations)
  • Creating 2 Presentation Flows
  • Content scheduling
  • Custom content creation

Valotalive introduction

Valotalive service is trusted by innovative companies

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