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Schedule, Join, Control And Analyze Video Meetings

Simplifying the way you experience video, Synergy SKY offers a suite of tools that remove every headache you’ve associated with video conferencing.

Seamless connection, management and analytics.

12 Minutes

is the average time it takes to start a

Video Meeting

Use our Waste of Time calculator to see, how much you lose time and money, when video meetings don’t start on time.


to start the video meeting

from 1 hour meeting

New technologies have made it possible for enterprise collaboration solutions to work seamlessly together. Today Skype users and Video Conferencing users participate in joint meetings as standard, with highquality video, audio and content sharing. There are still some challenges, however, when it comes to the user experience.

Synergy SKY

A few things we’re great at

Synergy JOIN


Automatically connecting video-enabled meeting-rooms to Skype meetings using Cisco One Button To Push (Cisco OBTP) or Polycom Click To Join (Polycom CTJ).

The end-user simply schedules a new Skype meeting in Microsoft Outlook and adds the required video-enabled meeting-rooms.


Synergy ANALYZE helps organizations understand collaboration trends and patterns, and provides the analysis needed to make fact-based decisions on collaboration investments, divestments, training, and service changes.


Tool which supports both Pexip Infinity and Cisco CMS technologies where you can have control over all of your meetings in a very simple and effective manner.

Synergy JOIN

How to schedule Skype4B and video conference from Cisco, Polycom, TANDBERG or any other – and join in ONE-Click. No plug-in, no trickery, no complicated dial strings. Just simplified workflow. Book people and resources in Outlook and start every meeting with ONE-Click on-time

Demo includes one-click-to-join from video conference to Webex, MS Teams, Skype4B, Zoom, static VMR, Dynamic VMR and forwarding of video invitations
One Button to Push

This is one of the things
we do best 

The end-user simply schedules a New (Skype) Meeting in Outlook or Google G Suite and adds the required Video Conferencing systems. Synergy Join manages the connection and brings the OBTP or CTJ information to the video endpoint. Or sets it to automatically dial the video room.
This removes the risk of typing errors and ensures that all meetings start on time.

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Key benefits

– Start all video meetings with one click, from anywhere always!
One button to push for Cisco endpoint
Click-To-Join for Polycom endpoints
– Supports Pexip, Cisco CMS, Videonor and StarLeaf cloud
Auto Dial Out to other endpoints/video rooms (Huawei, Lifzise)
– Creates One-time VMR meetings when greater privacy is needed
– Enable “one-click” from video endpoints in Skype4B, WebEx, Spark, and VMR meetings
Forward external Skype4B or other VMR invitations to video systems and get OBTP / CTJ
Recording. Add recording in the invitation. Get a link to share, stream and play.

Superior user experience

No need to learn new software or change working habits

Outlook meeting reservation

Schedule Skype4B and video conference rooms in one meeting

Schedule Skype4B users and video rooms in Outlook / G Suite invitation. The user do not have to learn any new procedures. Use the native Skype4B button and add people and rooms.
No plug-in.

Outlook room reservation

Schedule a video meeting – and let your invitees choose from where and how to join

Book a video room – when you will do a video meeting but you don’t know from where the others will join. Internal and external can participate. Receiver can forward meeting invitation to video room of choice and get ”one click”.

Meeting forward

You receive an external meeting invitation to a Skype, Spark, WebEx or BlueJeans meeting, and you want to join the meeting from a video room/system

Forward Skype4B, Spark, WebEx, Zoom and VMR meeting to your preferred video system from Cisco or Polycom and start the meeting with a touch of a button.

Record video meeting from Outlook

Never miss a meeting – record it!

To record and later playback a video meeting used to be quite an exercise. Now we have made it as easy as scheduling ordinary meetings with people and rooms.


Analyzing video solution usage will give a good understanding how your organization collaborates.
It helps to make fact-based tactical and strategical decisions and gives solid input for ROI.

Why video usage analytics is important value for business?

Analyzing video solution usage will give a good understanding how your organization collaborates.
It helps to make fact-based tactical and strategical decisions and gives solid input for ROI.

To make desicions, you need data

– Was the Skype for Business deployment successful?
– Are people really using all those video conferencing solutions?
– Department A makes desicions faster than Department B? How do they communicate?
– Country X is travelling far more than Country Y, are they really using the same tools?
– I did spend 1M€ on Collaboration technology, what is really the ROI?
– How much more – or less – do I need to invest? Where?

Synergy Analyze gives you

– Tag-based Video Conferencing or Skype reporting –
– Details, graphs, trends and patterns –
– Sort and filter by location, department or device –
– Included is detailed ROI calculator –
– GDPR ready: All call data stays on customer premises –

Synergy Analyze report 3 Synergy Analyze report 2 Synergy Analyze report 1

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Synergy CONTROL offers a comprehensive multi-vendor solution to your real-time video management needs

Achieve a seamless video meeting environment

Synergy CONTROL provides a complete view of both scheduled and active meetings. This approach enables the video administrator to follow the meeting life-cycle from booking to hang-up and provide a worry free experience. Whether you deliver a white glove service or run an enterprise video deployment, Synergy CONTROL provides all the features you need to monitor your conferences and make them run smoothly.

Key functions include:

– View all active conferences
– View all conferences scheduled with Google G Suite or Microsoft Outlook
– Connect/disconnect video meetings
– Add/remove participants
– Cisco people count support
– Instantly share conference coordinates with anyone
– Mute/unmute audio and video
– Create a list of “favorite” (i.e. most important) meetings to monitor
– Search for scheduled and/or active meetings or participants

Synergy Control

Supported technologies
Synergy CONTROL is ideal for organizations of all sizes with mixed video environments, as it supports both Cisco CMS and Pexip Infinity.

Synergy CONTROL + Synergy JOIN = Successful meetings

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