The year 2018 will change the future of video communication!

The year 2018 will change the future of video communication!

The market for video conferencing solutions has undergone rapid development. The problems that have hampered the massive use of videoconferencing, have finally found a solution.

While some years ago, the main users of video conferences were mostly large companies, with expensive hardware and complexity of management. Todays opportunities are equal for every business, both in terms of ease to use and costs.

There is no longer any problem with the data communication, needed to broadcast a video meeting. Today the transmission of HD quality video stream is possible through the normal Internet connection. 4G and 5G will add even more quality and flexibility, allowing video conferencing even outside and regardless of location.

Video bridges and other components that allow multi-party video conferencing are now a consumer product. There is no need to worry about holding this special video conferencing hardware. You can install solutions either on the own data centre, on the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

Video conferencing users have been concerned by the lack of interoperability between different video system manufacturers solutions. Now the issue with the INTEROPERABILITY has also been resolved.
Pexip is one of the few companies who has been certified as Microsoft’s partner in video interoperability and offers this kind of convenience.

Video conference end user device can be every, couple of years old phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

So now, there is everything that we need to begin to value our time and use more video conferencing in daily work tasks.

Everything is made extremely easy and comfortable for the end user .

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