How to use digital signage in events

How to use digital signage in events

Nordek participated today VIRTUALLY in the Koolituskonverents 2020 (Training Conference 2020) in Tallinn.
We used a screen to advertise two companies, including on-line data (Facebook), and off-line presentation materials (video, pdf, etc). It was joint event, where Nordek was presented together with training company Aeternum.

It’s a good test to see how Valotalive content management works outside their natural place, workplace. So far we can admit that Valotalive solution works well also for big events.

Behind the scenes.

Out of the box solution included: 55” screen, TV roll-stand, Acer Chromebox (media player), pocket WiFi router with 4G, and cables for power and HDMI.

Stand set-up took less than 15 min, and that time included transporting the stand and screen from the car park to the event place:)

After powering up the media player, pre-configured content started to play right away without any additional set-up. And if later something on the content will need a change or update we can use our mobile phones, wherever we are.

We hope that our virtual roll-up can manage himself without assistance and on-site representatives. But we’ll keep remote eye on, using Google Device Management.

If you already have digital screens in your workplace, it is excellent choice to use the same screen on your next event, as a virtual roll-up.

Need to know how to get more benefit from the existing screens, please contact: