3 steps towards digitalisation

3 steps towards digitalisation

As digitization of enterprises is closely linked to the simplification of processes, then the entire digitialisation process itself should not be too complicated.

Here is my vision of the steps what one company should take to carry out digital transformation.

1) Find an expert who can look at the business processes of an enterprise with an impartial look and analysis, and find processes that must to be digitalised and what is possible to digitalise. Working on a daily basis in processes, you can’t see problematic processes, and do not know that things can work differently.

2) Once it has become clear what and how will be changed, the next step is to create effective collaborative solutions to communicate with developers and partners. Do not expect to be able to handle digitalisation process only with telephone conversations and email exchange. Video conferencing and cloud-enabled  collaboration services are the right way.

3) Now when you are already developing, you should once again look at the processes that would be fully automated and made free of human interaction. Here comes the help of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). In this case, you should not be afraid that robots will take away peoples work. Rather, they give people the opportunity to give up routine tasks and do something more creative and interesting.

And that’s how easy it is!